Hi! I am currently studying for a BSc in Design and Innovation, with modules including Computer Science, Interactive Design, User Experience and Environmental Management.

I am extremely passionate about learning all types of design in order to find the one that I click best with.

I am an avid deep sea scuba diver and read extensively in my spare time.

(+44) 07927379518

what i do

Over the last couple of years, whilst completing my degree, I have taken on many personal projects and internships at various companies. I've worked with a Graphic Design Company and interned as a UX UI designer at a banking company, all while exploring my passion for creative problem-solving.

Websites/Print/Social Media

Flash People Portraits Person Holding Glasses and Laptop

Artwork / Graphics

University Projects

Website/Print/Social Media

Website Design

Simplistic website layout for a Pub, using new infographics creates by me

Zine Spread turned into magazine pages

Using photography to portray childish images in a way that challenges societal norms and expectations. By capturing moments of innocence and vulnerability.

To create a product that can be used in the household which solves a problem. I targeted food waste in households and how families/people can tackle reductions in food waste through a simple tablet/software.

Project 1

University Projects

Design a board game which discussed the process of a service located in your area. During covid, a lot of the physical services nearby my house closed. The flower shop below my flat changed their approach by creating a postal service. Although not a new idea, I was able to create a design based off of the service.

Project 2

Project 3

T-shirt design based off of the 3 principles of design and the subject of a hand. Using scuba diving signals and typography to create a descriptive t-shirt.

Project 4

Using infographics, text and typography to create a series of posters to communicate a universal problem. Using targeted information and graphics to ensure message is delivered.

Current ongoing Artwork/Graphics

my work

Origin Coffee

Working as a design Intern at A-side Studio, in Cornwall, I was lucky enough to take on my own projects. This included Coffee Tasting Cards for the company Origin.

Each month they come out with new coffee and are in constant need for coffee tasting cards to showcase the flavours and backstory of each now coffee bean. Two of my submissions were successful during my internship

All The Rage

Tasked to create multiple logos for a fashion brand, used on labels, social media and for print.

House Dressing and Marketing

To dress a house within a limited timeline and within a budget, in order to market a new build to prospective buyers.

Food Blogger - Hannah Weatherhead

Hannah is an independent food blogger, who runs multiple social media platforms showcasing UK’s affordable food locations.

I was tasked with creating a brand kit.

Lineless Artisanal Flower
Nude Abstract Blob
Simple Abstract Semi-Transparent Trendy Sharp Star
Russian Abstract Wireframe Elements Starburst Fill